Availvs ALUCIALL is a unique weather-proof photoluminescent product.
Availvs ALUCIALL glows after a short exposure to sunlight or artificial light.
Moreover, Availvs unique patented techniques have made photoluminescent products which will glow continuously in the dark for up to 38 hours.
Method of measurement
  Availvs technology makes it possible to design the number of hours of photoluminescent glow.
※Standard products are 1 hour type (10) , 4 hour type (40), 8 hour type (80), and 12 hour type (120). 24 hour type and up to 38 hour type are available as custom order product.
Under light
↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓
In the dark
1h 4h 8h 12 h 24 h
(glow period from power down to 3mcd/)
  10h 40h 80h 120 h 240 h
(glow period from power down to 0.3mcd/)
Exceptionally High Initial Brightness.
※Comparison with Emergency Exit Sign of a competitor.
8 hr type (80)

3.5 hr type (12)
1 hr type (10)
Under light Lights out 30 sec later
Availvs special technology makes it possible to design signage of-which appearance in the dark is different from that in daylight.
↑ ↓ ↑ ↓
the dark
ALUCIALL will improve safety when it is used on floors, walls or in stair case without extra electric power.
ALUCIALL stands long-term use in outdoors because it is highly weather resistant.
Anti-slip finish photoluminescent stripe on step nose will further increase safety.
When ALUCIALL is used as a countertop, it will improve both aesthetic aspect of interior under light and safety in the dark.
Kitchen counter
Basin/sink counter Unpowered interior decoration
Shown below are some ideas for products exploiting ALUCIALL’s unique long lasting glow
properties and ease of formability.
“Availvs ALUCIALL Emergency Evacuation Sign Board” changed world opinion on the use of Photoluminescent Evacuation Sign Boards.
From New York to Tokyo to London, standards for emergency signage are being rewritten to take advantage of the possibilities of photoluminescence. Standard in Japan already reflect these technological advances and the rest of the world is playing catch-up. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (City Hall) offices in Tokyo’s avant garde Shinjuku district already feature Availvs ALUCIALL emergency evacuation signs in the floors including the public lobby. The performance, light and power saving as well as zero maintenance and zero need for used bulb disposal amounted to a TCO (total cost of ownership) proposition which made a drop dead case for ALUCIALL
The ALUCIALL in-floor signs shown in the photo were approved by the Fire Protection Equipment and Safety Center of Japan (see http://www.fesc.or.jp/fesc_e/task/index.html) in July 2003. The products shown are also anti-slip finish, another unique feature of the products.
Method of measurement:
Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS Z9107-1997) provisions for “Photo-luminescent Safety Signs” stipulate as follows, in Paragraphs 5.10 and 7.11.
Paragraph 5.10
Phosphorescence luminance
Table 2 Phosphorescence luminance of photoluminescent parts
(Unit: mcd per square meter)
Phosphorescence luminance shall be in compliance with the provisions of Table 2, by using D65 daylight simulator (source of light), and by using the methods as per 7.11.
after 5 min. after 10 min. after 20 min. . after 60 min.
110 or above 50 or above 24 or above 7 or above
Paragraph 7.11
Phosphorescence luminance test
After placing the photoluminescent piece in a dark place for three (3) hours or longer, apply D65 daylight simulator for twenty (20) minutes at 200 lx. Stop the application of light, and measure the phosphorescence luminance after five (5), ten (10), twenty (20) and sixty (60) minutes, and determine whether the average measurement of three photoluminescent pieces is in compliance with Table 2.
In other words, the duration of time, until the luminance reaches 3mcd/ after the exposure of D65 daylight simulator at 200 lx for a certain number of minutes, is the benchmark to measure the performance of such products. (3mcd/ is considered to be the lowest level for human eyes to determine the outline of objects.)
Results of phosphorescence performance comparison test
Products compared
a)Availvs 12-hour product
b)company A phosphorescent film
c)company B phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark tape
Measurement conditions
Measurement equipment TOPCON BM-5A (Luminance meter)
TOPCON I-5 (Illuminometer)
Source of light D65 ordinary source of light
Source of light 200 lx
Exposure time 60 minutes
Luminance comparison(mcd) After
15 min.
30 min.
1 hr.
2 hr.
3 hr.
5 hr.
8 hr.
12 hr.
a) Availvs 12-hour product 346.9 181.8 89.2 41.3 24.9 12.5 6.2 3.9
b) company A phosphorescent film 86.5 42.6 19.9 8.9 5.5 3.0
c) company B phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark tape 55.1 27.3 12.7 5.7 3.6
Table of comparison(functionality/usage)
with other photoluminescent products from competitors
  Availvs Tile Type Glass type Film and
sheet type
Plastic type Paint type
Brightness after 1 hr 242mcd/m2 150mcd/m 30mcd/m2 30mcd/m2 94mcd/m2 10mcd/m2
Luminous time

Long Short Very short Very short short Very short
Physical strength
Use out-of-doors?
Suitability for floors
Inlaid integral molding
Use in bathrooms
Use as alternate means of
evacuation light
Use in countertop
*1: Represents the duration of time until the luminance reaches 3mcd/.in terms of testing conducted in accordance with JIS Z8720.
*2: The duration of time until the luminance reaches 0.3mcd/.
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